jason mcguire

Jason McGuire is the Senior Principal of McGuire Marketing and oversees the company from the Sarasota office. Jason has over 25 years of agency experience. After graduating from Florida State University’s School of Communications in 1992, he began working at Pearson, McGuire Associates in Coral Gables as a Public Relations Junior Account Executive.  In 1994, he moved to the position of Production Manager when McGuire Company was spun-off.  In 1998, Jason was elevated to Vice President of McGuire Company and oversaw the Art Department, Human Resources, and Business Operations.  In 2001 he was promoted to Senior Vice President, and by 2005, he was made Partner/Principal in the newly restructured McGuire Marketing.  Jason has a wealth of knowledge in real estate development, real estate marketing, understanding marketing trends, developing customized marketing plans for clients, digital marketing and how to target clients.  When he is not working, Jason enjoys FSU football games, working on his golf game, and boating on the Florida coast.


Jason McGuire

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