McGuire Marketing Launches McGuire Digital

Tampa Bay Newswire – May 17, 2019

SARASOTA —  McGuire Marketing, a leader in real estate development marketing,
has launched McGuire Digital in May 2020, to service all marketing digital needs.
McGuire Digital is expected to lead the industry in website development, programmatic
marketing, geofencing, and digital marketing campaigns. The company is based in
Florida, but is doing business all over the US, Latin America, and the Caribbean.



Marketing Firm Opens New Office in Area

Sarasota Business Insider – November 11, 2019

SARASOTA —  McGuire Marketing will open a new office in Sarasota and
begin a new business partnership with Sarasota-based Persimmon Creative.
According to a press release, McGuire Marketing has decades of luxury
real estate development marketing experience.




Welcome Six Peaks Killington, Vermont  

October 14, 2019

SARASOTA —  McGuire Marketing delighted to announce a renewed partnership
with SP Land and their project Six Peaks Killington. Six Peaks is a new ski Village
being planned and sold at Killington, Vermont, the largest ski resort in the eastern
United States.  We look forward to a very productive winter selling season!



The Village at Tamarack Team Meeting

September 17, 2019

TAMARACK —  McGuire Marketing, Tamarack Realty and Threshold Marketing
held two days of emersion meetings at Tamarack Resort. Everyone toured the
property. Met with Christopher Kirk of Acacia Planning to review the elevations
and land plans. Spent time with Tamarack Resort Holdings President, Jon Reveal.
And had dinner in the lovely town of McCall. What a productive trip!



The Village at Tamarack Resort, Idaho  

September 4, 2019

SARASOTA —  McGuire Marketing is very pleased to announce a new
partnership with Tamarack Realty of Tamarack, Idaho. Our charge is to
market the new 129 Residence ski-in/ski-out Village with ground-level retail.
The Village will open this winter and contracts are already being signed!