Sea Island, Georgia   For many years, it was McGuire Marketing’s pleasure to represent the Sea Island Company and its magnificent resort community on the southeastern coast of Georgia, both for the marketing of resort and real estate components. Since 1928, this has been known as an exceptional destination appealing to those who appreciate history, a quality lifestyle, the finest recreational amenities, gracious service and heartfelt hospitality. Our responsibilities encompassed a broad range of tasks for The Five-Star Cloister hotel, the Five-Star Lodge at Sea Island, the several Sea Island private communities and the introduction of the new Frederica community.

Sea Island 75th Anniversary Ad Campaign

Sea Island Main Brochure   

Sea Island Corporate Spread Ad Campaign

Sea Island Club National Membership Offering This oversized brochure was rolled
and placed into a tube. Every resident of Sea Island received a copy via FedEx, plus
select brokers,
media and influencers.

The Lodge as Sea Island This image was part of the introductory campaign for the 40-room Lodge.               

Sea Island Portfolio of Properties