Flexibility, specialized team members and strategic partnerships allow us to tailor our services to meet the precise needs of each client. No one size fits all here.


In our marketing toolbox, we offer a comprehensive package of agency services that can be purchased as part of a complete marketing program, or as individual items. We understand that each client and community is unique, so let us work with you to create a bespoke plan to meet your specific needs and budget.


    Website Design/Hosting/Analytics

    Complete website design, programming and hosting services. Formatted and tested for all device platforms and for optimum loading and performance times. Our data-driven approach determines which metrics are most important and helps identify successes and inefficiencies, as well as drive future content and planning for improvements. With the advent of Mobile-first Indexing by Google, we know that the performance of your mobile site affects the search results of your desktop.

    Programmatic Digital Advertising

    Programmatic Digital Advertising revolutionizes the traditional media buying process. When a customer visits a web page, an instant auction is held among interested advertisers. The maximum price an advertiser is willing to bid is preprogrammed, so the auction happens in milliseconds and the winner’s ad posts in real-time. McGuire Marketing will programmatically place your message in the best locations, with improved audience accuracy and make ongoing adjustments to the campaign based on quantitative data.

    The end result is a low cost per lead, a highly targeted program, real-time data analytics and campaign execution in just a few days.

    Email Marketing

    We use email marketing with a customer-centric focus geared towards converting and retaining relationships. Our results-driven approach of messaging, call to action, lead capture, and conversion metrics give our clients the highest possible conversion rates and allow them to stay in front of prospects and buyers with ongoing updates and offers.

    Social Media Marketing

    Through the leveraging of social media platforms, we build an ever-expanding web to capture new prospects. Using highly targeted messages, frequent postings, friending and following and demographics from the website traffic data, we target Facebook and Instagram with an all-out assault for our clients.

    Ad Words and Search Engine Optimization

    We follow Search Engine Optimization best practices. Higher search rankings for the right keywords will drive higher quality and quantity of traffic to your website. Millions of consumers use Google daily, and our goal is to ensure that anyone doing a relevant search will find your website.


    Print Advertising

    We are specialists in print, from highly impactful two-page spreads and full-page ads down to quarter-page and smaller with a keen emphasis on the target market and messaging for the best ROI.

    Direct Mail

    We create highly impactful pieces, ranging from two-sided oversized postcards to elaborate kits and boxes. Shipped and tracked by USPS or FedEx, and executed with precision mailing lists on budget.

    Collateral Materials

    From oversized lifestyle brochures to custom boxes and kit-holders, fulfillment kits, rack brochures, quarter-scale floor plan brochures and custom invitations, we design premium pieces while always keeping the production process, deadlines and budget in mind.

    Brand Standards

    We will produce complete guidelines for all aspects of brand standards execution including logo design, usages, font treatments, color palettes (primary and secondary) and letterhead, envelopes and business cards.


    Marketing Plan and Budgeting

    Construct tailored and targeted marketing plans / budgets based on research and industry knowledge. Once executed, the plan is analyzed in real time with data analytics so that course corrections can made in conjunction with updates to all creative channels, thus assuring the highest ROI.

    Media Buying

    Fifty years of planning, buying and leveraging the media. We know where, how large and how often to run print advertising and we leverage the media for best pricing, value added and first notice of remnant opportunities.

    Broker Program

    Implementing techniques and incentives for local and international brokers with events and strategic partnerships.

    Owner Referral/Founder Program

    Create a sense of excitement and anticipation among owners and motivate them to refer new prospects among their friends, family members and business associates.

    Discovery Tour Program

    Packages and invitations for prospect visits. Tours designed to enlighten, inform and pamper prospects, giving them the expectation and experience of the lifestyle at the community.

    City Blitz

    Targeting gateway cities and those which have already yielded property sales to create a three-day sales and marketing blitz with these possible elements:

    • Reception with existing property owners and guests
    • Local social magazine VIP lists; co-sponsorship
    • Possible broker associates
    • Interviews with local media and national freelance writers in the city


    Aerial Drone Photo and Video Shoot

    Drone and helicopter shoots with the best in the business; we negotiate price and are there each day for on-site art direction and oversight. For construction progress and time-line photography we provide in-house services.

    Traditional Photo and Video Shoot

    Photographer and stylist strategic partner relationships, providing shot list, art direction and oversight.

    4K Blu-Ray Video Production

    Script and art direction of complete 4K high-definition video